Group prenatal is a great way to get together with other families having a baby, and learn about birth and coping skills in a social, fun environment.

Birth plan design presents the opportunity to meet with one of our educators to discuss your desires for your birth. We will help you come up with a birth plan that both suits your individual needs and matches current hospital trends.

One on one prenatal classes are perfect for you, dad and support people to learn in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in your own home, on your own schedule.

Education for health Professionals

Over 37 years of evidence-based information, tips and tools to share with families and build their capacity for a fulfilling and empowered birth and breastfeeding experience.

Smooth the transition into your breastfeeding experience. We help you  avoid common problems and stress in the newborn stage so you can focus on loving baby.

Safety. Sanity. Best Practice.©

BabyMoon focuses on the belief in a woman's inherent ability to birth her baby.

We provide the information, tools and support you need to maximize this potential through strategies we have learned from years of experience, education and up-to-date research. 


Group prenatal is a perfect way to gather your friends to enjoy a fun, educational prenatal class experience. We offer this great discount (see below) in our regular $299 Six Hour Prenatal group class option as we see the benefit of couples learning together in a casual, fun environment. We offer flexibility around class times and dates.

Classes location will be 440 Comer Street, Comer Medical Clinic

Fall dates will be released in early August as we will be offering a 3 class series of 2 hours each class. For more information, email using contact tab.


Class Capacity: 6 couples maximum


  • $249 per couple, based on $50 discount per couple. Two couple minimum

Recommended Supplies: Large inflatable exercise ball




Private prenatal classes are a great opportunity for expectant moms, couples and support people to learn in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in their own home.

Personalized classes and flexibility to work around busy work schedules allow parents-to-be to get the most learning and interaction for time spent . Clients are happy to be able to spend time discussing what is important to them personally, especially as they learn about new things they might not have even considered about their birth and breastfeeding experience. Grab another couple or two that you wish to share a class with to add more fun to your experience and each couple will then save $50 off either package for a great deal!


  • $299 - 6 hours of instruction with both Karen and Jordan. Participants can include moms, dads and any support people who may be in the delivery room with you. (i.e. doula)


  • $349 - 6 hours of personal instruction plus in-home or hospital breastfeeding consultation with baby (up to two hours). Most couples choose this option to ease the transition from hospital to home. This time can also be spent answering questions around new parent challenges and make sure breastfeeding is off to a great start.

Please contact us for additional information & booking.



Breastfeeding consults are done in the comfort of your own home with either Karen or Jordan.

Karen and Jordan each have over 3500 hours of educational & hands on experience with breastfeeding moms and professionals. They are constantly learning stay current with best practices. Breastfeeding is sometimes expected to be “easy”, but many moms are faced with unexpected challenges in the newborn period and beyond.

Many things can impact a breastfeeding experience including birth, family support, stress and information at hand, especially with mixed messages some moms get around breastfeeding. Karen and Jordan will simplify ways to deal with common issues such as:

  • Perceived low milk supply

  • “Nipple confusion”

  • Inadequate weight gain

  • Sore nipples.

Early consultation (within one week after birth), is the best way to smooth the transition into your breastfeeding experience through an understanding of normal newborn and breastfeeding behaviors.

Investment: $50 per hour

  • Initial consultation is $100

  • Partial hours may be provided & will be charged by a half-hour minimum

  • Out of town consultations will include travel charges

Please contact us for additional information & booking.



Karen or Jordan can meet with you as an individual or with your partner to discuss your desires for your birth. They will help you come up with a birth plan that fits your individual needs and desires, taking into consideration current hospital trends to explain what you really do and don't need on a birth plan.

They can answer any questions you may have about your baby's birthday, pregnancy or postpartum.

Investment: $50 per hour

Please contact us for additional information & booking.




  • Educational sessions for health professionals focus on the most current, evidence-based information and how to share it with your families in a motivational, client-driven manner. Karen and Jordan have been privileged to work with professional groups, sharing information and approaches to help moms and families reach their birth and breastfeeding potential. Topics can be personalized for your group.

Please contact us for additional information & booking.