Welcome. We are Jordan & Karen, founders of BabyMoon Childbirth Services.


jordan DAVIS

Certified Childbirth Educator & Lactation Educator

DONA Trained Doula & Certified Car Seat Technician

Jordan Davis is a Certified Childbirth Educator and Certified Lactation Educator. She runs a Harm Reduction Program out of a local community agency in Williams Lake, where she teaches sexual health education to adults and in the high school setting to various age students. She is also a DONA trained doula and certified car seat technician.

Jordan has been working with families and women for the last 8 years, of all different backgrounds, teaching prenatal and breastfeeding through The Pregnancy Outreach Program, and BabyMoon Childbirth Services, her and Karen's private company.  

Jordan loves teaching, and engaging students of all ages, as well as health professionals, and understands the need for compassionate connection with moms, babies, families, and youth.  Jordan believes that providing the right information to clients and professionals working with families is one of the best ways to create powerful, correct dissemination of information. 

why did we create babymoon?

"I went into the birth of my first child thinking I was prepared and knew how to handle the challenges and interventions that may arise.

My partner and I took great prenatal classes and I felt like we were more than ready. I was disconnected from my doctor, but didn't think this would be a big deal, as I knew all I needed to know. When labor actually started, things went very differently than we anticipated them to go. Faced with one intervention after another, and coming out feeling very shocked and saddened by the reality of the experience and how little control we actually had in the decision making that happened, I knew how important it was for women to understand how imperative a good birth experience is for both mom, baby and the whole family.

With my second child we paid out of pocket to have a midwife, thousands of dollars in fact, as there was no way I was going to go through what I had gone through the first time. My second birth was amazing, and the money we spent on a midwife was worth every single penny. I had her there during my entire labor, was so supported in all the decision making I had to do, and my partner felt very safe with me under her care as well. Even though things didn't go exactly as planned, I learned during the experience the incredible power of true informed decision making, and the impacts of this on everyone involved. I felt cared for, loved, respected and honoured as the one at the centre, working so hard to bring that baby into the world.

This experience also taught me the importance of having someone in the delivery room, or home birth setting, that knew all the ins and outs there was to know - I had no idea how much of a difference that would make, and I knew the statistics I had read about the huge impacts Doulas had on outcomes had to be true! From that point on, I continued on the path of educating myself in every way shape or form about birth, and breastfeeding and the lifelong impacts on moms and babies, families and our society as a whole, when these things go well and when they don't....

I became DONA trained, and started accompanying women into the labor room, obtained the highest level of child birth education possible through Lamaze International, and took any and all Breastfeeding education I could, and became a Certified Lactation Educator. After attending many births, working with the midwifery model of care, and with standard north American Obstetrical Practice, and over 3500 Breastfeeding Consult hours under my belt, I know how important it is for women to receive comprehensive, timely and compassionate care during their prenatal, birth and postpartum phases. I truly believe that the way we view birth and breastfeeding is having huge impacts on society as a whole, and that I are so lucky to impact positive change in this area.

 I truly love working with women, and babies and their whole families at time, to make these experiences the best they possibly can be, and when they don't go exactly the way they may want them to, helping to provide tools to navigate these sometimes difficult experiences."

KAREN irvine

Certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

Certified Infant Massage Instructor & Retired RN 

Karen Irvine currently works as a private practice lactation consultant and prenatal educator with Babymoon Childbirth in Williams Lake, B.C. She has been teaching prenatal and breastfeeding to families and health professionals since 1991, through the University College of the Cariboo, as the Health Coordinator for Pregnancy Outreach Program and through BabyMoon Childbirth Services and the Cariboo School District 27.

Over the years Karen’s education and experience with women and families from all backgrounds has led her to realize that birth can be transformative, and can impact a family for a lifetime. Each birth is different, but through knowledge and sharing of ideas, families and health professionals will understand their role in birth, their impact on birth, and their ability to change lives.

why choose babymoon?

"I came to the childbirth and breastfeeding world as a registered nurse. As soon as I moved to Williams Lake in 1991, I started volunteering at Pregnancy Outreach, started to change my nursing focus to the maternity ward and was soon teaching prenatal classes through the University College of the Cariboo.

My focus shifted onto family: the birth of twin boys and then a another boy gave me insight into birth and breastfeeding from two completely different experiences: one very complicated and the second, much more empowered and gentle. During the time at home with my kids I continued to volunteer at Pregnancy Outreach, supporting moms and families.

My inolvement with Pregnancy Outreach eventually led to a job there teaching prenatal and breastfeeding and becoming the Health Coordinator. Through the families that worked with me, and Lamaze Childbirth certification, I had that “Aha!” moment of why births can be so different and how they can affect moms, dads and babies in such profound ways. I couldn’t believe I didn’t know this! It sparked the need for me to get this information out to as many moms as I could.

I felt if everyone knew even half of what there is to know about birth and breastfeeding, we could all drastically change the number of women and families that are satisfied- even elated- with their birth experiences. I believe it would powerfully change the lives of women, babies, families and world for the better.

When Jordan and I met through work at Pregnancy Outreach in 2009, we realized this information was so important but very few people knew about it. We both felt the community needed prenatal and breastfeeding education with a different approach: the “nuts and bolts” of birth but also, and most importantly, how women and families can tap into that essential and powerful ability a woman has to give birth. It’s not mystical or complicated, it’s just not part of the common birth culture. We often are told after a class or a birth, “We had no idea!” “We feel so much better about the process”, and “We can’t tell how happy we are we took your classes!”.

Both Lamaze-certified childbirth educators, we came together as BabyMoon in 2014. We are constantly honoured to be involved with families at such a pivotal time and amazed at the lasting impact a birth and breastfeeding experience can have on families and those who support them.