Breastfeeding consults are done in the comfort of your own home with either Karen or Jordan.

Karen and Jordan each have over 3500 hours of educational & hands on experience with breastfeeding moms and professionals. They are constantly learning stay current with best practices. Breastfeeding is sometimes expected to be “easy”, but many moms are faced with unexpected challenges in the newborn period and beyond.

Many things can impact a breastfeeding experience including birth, family support, stress and information at hand, especially with mixed messages some moms get around breastfeeding. Karen and Jordan will simplify ways to deal with common issues such as:

  • Perceived low milk supply

  • “Nipple confusion”

  • Inadequate weight gain

  • Sore nipples.

Early consultation (within one week after birth), is the best way to smooth the transition into your breastfeeding experience through an understanding of normal newborn and breastfeeding behaviors.

Investment: $50 per hour

  • Initial consultation is $100

  • Partial hours may be provided & will be charged by a half-hour minimum

  • Out of town consultations will include travel charges

Please contact us for additional information & booking.