Private prenatal classes are a great opportunity for expectant moms, couples and support people to learn in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in their own home.

Personalized classes and flexibility to work around busy work schedules allow parents-to-be to get the most learning and interaction for time spent . Clients are happy to be able to spend time discussing what is important to them personally, especially as they learn about new things they might not have even considered about their birth and breastfeeding experience. Grab another couple or two that you wish to share a class with to add more fun to your experience and each couple will then save $50 off either package for a great deal!


  • $299 - 6 hours of instruction with both Karen and Jordan. Participants can include moms, dads and any support people who may be in the delivery room with you. (i.e. doula)


  • $349 - 6 hours of personal instruction plus in-home or hospital breastfeeding consultation with baby (up to two hours). Most couples choose this option to ease the transition from hospital to home. This time can also be spent answering questions around new parent challenges and make sure breastfeeding is off to a great start.

Please contact us for additional information & booking.